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Registered Rescue Group, working with
Australian Council Pounds,  the RSPCA and 
municipal councils through mandated agreements.

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Beautiful Dobermanns looking for new homes through no fault of their own, we're here to help them on their journey to a forever home, JOIN US!
We also help YOU,  to ADOPT, REHOME or ADVICE regarding the Dobermann breed and behaviour.

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How can we help you? Do you need to REHOME, ADOPT or some ADVICE?  Select below the option you need, it will take you to a form, please fill it in and submit it, we'll contact you within 24 hrs.


Real Experiences 

Thank you for believing in us, and for being a part of our journey!


We found our boy!! The process makes sense, we were in the right hands, Thanks Bayly :))

Lorena Watson


Our NHFD experience is what we hoped a rescue should be, thanks to the team for your continued support throughout :) 

Emma Brown

Our Mission: To protect the Individual Dobermann and the Breed through responsible and careful rehoming practices under the law, and within the expectations of the public.

We understand sometimes home circumstances change and that means your Dobermann may become destructive being left for long periods of time.

Please look to our list of professional NHFD approved Behaviourists to help you overcome a sometimes easy to learn a skill to avoid destructive and upset Dobermanns.

We would like to see more Dobermann remain in homes where possible.

Sometimes our health and finances are impacted. This may cause you to seriously consider rehoming your Dobermann.

Rest assured we're here to help in any capacity with this difficult decision.

We create a successful transition program for Dobermanns to remain integral to the process remaining central to our efforts.
By using scent training in preparation for the new home, and in conjunction with the new home, we work within the Pack Leadership Structure required of all new NHFD Dobermann homes, providing success.

If you need to rehome a puppy under 4 months old, please do speak with your breeder. Reputable breeders engage a purchase contract which gives them the first right of ethical refusal of puppy returns. These breeders have integrity in protecting each Dobermann and the breed itself. Don't fall for the Driveway Warranty, be diligent and ASK!

Please see Dogzonline for reputable breeders who DNA test their litters and who also have a return policy for life for each Dobermann they breed. Be diligent!

Could you volunteer time or foster a Dobermann in need, in your state? 

Do you have special skills? A secure home? Time on your hands? we'd love to hear from you.

Please fill in our Volunteer or Foster online form, and we'll send you the requirements. We're looking for people who have time on their hands, have Dobermann experience, and the willingness to assist for up to 12 weeks.
We're not ready yet to accept Foster Carers unless you are a Dobermann Breeder with experience. We will be soon ready to accept individual homes for this rewarding program. 


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Our Mission: To protect the Individual Dobermann and the Breed through responsible and careful rehoming practices under the law, and within the expectations of the public.

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